※This case is very dangerous. Handle it carefully. If you drop it on your foot, you are guaranteed to be seriously injured.

※We don’t intend this product for actual use. Any claims regarding difficulty of use will ignored.

※The manufacturer and retailer hereby absolve themselves of all responsibility pertaining to damage incurred from the use of this case.


1in Armor Plated Case for iPhone 4/4S


138mm×81.8mm×39.6mm, 2.1kg

Retail Price

1in Armor Plated Case for iPhone 4/4S
Black:54,000 yen(Tax Included / Free Shipping)


・Brushed Aluminum Front Cover(Anodized Finish)
・Armored Plate(Parkerized Finish)
・Protective iPhone Cover
・4x M4 Capped Bolts
・Allan Wrench
・Replacement Lens

1in Armor Plated Case for iPhone4/4S
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Consider before buying

This case will not interfere with your ability to talk on the phone using any of the major carriers.

This case is the heaviest iPhone case in the world. Hold it in both hands when talking on the phone.

This case is so hard it will probably scratch any table you set it on. Carry a small cloth with you and set the case on top of that.

The case doesn’t interfere with your ability to use the iPhone’s LED screen, however, you’re going to have to use a small metal bar to operate the volume buttons.

The lens is acrylic. The case comes with one replacement just in case it ever breaks.

The aluminum cover and protective lens are not bulletproof.

In case your case does actually get shot, please discontinue use. Even if the exterior seems fine, there might be damage to the aluminum cover and/or distortions in the armored plate.

We don’t guarantee your ability to use an iPhone in a case that’s already been shot.

We don’t answer any questions about the techniques we use to make the case.

We recommend the case for anyone over the age of 18. Don’t let little kids even touch the case.

If the case gets wet, take it apart and let everything dry out. If you just leave it wet, count on some serious damage.

The case comes naturally mottled, like all armored plates do.

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